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Taffy and the Christmas Apples      

A Corgihouse Story for Children of All Ages

Do you know the songs the trees are singing?
In every tree lives a small fairy. This has been known since way back.
Tree fairies are the souls of the trees.
Trees rarely make friends outside their own species and if they do, it is usually the work of a nosy little fairy.
This is the story of a friendship between the Corgi girl Taffy and the tree fairy Ceirt.

Currently the book is not available. Please visit our main page for coming offers... :-)

Below please find:

Detailed information about the book
List of the appearing Corgis
Look inside the advance copy

"Taffy and the Christmas Apples" is in English language and based on the Corgihouse Advent calendar 2014.
The book, about 20.5x20.5cm (8"x8"), has 68 pages with many colour illustrations. It is printed on 170 g/m2 coated paper with hard covers.
English translation by Anita Nordlunde.
The book is also printed in the original German version.

Here is a list of the appearing Corgis. Some of the drawings are from the Corgihouse Advent calendar 2014, some are very special thanks to persons who helped us so very much during last year, and some show Corgis who simply fit the situation perfectly - voilà! - let's begin:

Seite - Page Namen - Names

1 Rusty Kilbourne (as the keeper of the book)

4/5 Rieke Stahl (as Taffy)

6/7 Grace Ross (as princess)
Jack C. Young (as pirate)
Indy Nordlunde (young boy, as Max)

8/9 Rieke Stahl (as Taffy)
Indy Nordlunde (as senior, as Mr. Meyer)

10/11 Rieke Stahl (as Taffy)

12/13 Teri, Annie & Nimh Andersen (as themselves)
Blaubär Stahl (as Daddy)

14/15 Rieke Stahl (as Taffy)
Bommel Stahl (as Teddie)
Rupert & Jemma Reid (as themselves)

16/17 Bommel Stahl (as Teddie)

18/19 Sadie & Olli Mayer (as the Corgis in Mommy's garden)
Phantom & Cookie Schaal (as Cowboy and Indian)
Darby Pearson (as a very muddy Fluff!)

20/21 Molly Gola (as herself)
Zoie Maxwell (as herself)
Blaubär Stahl (as Daddy)

22/23 Bommel Stahl (as Teddie)
Blaubär Stahl (as Little Bear)
Rupert Reid (as himself)
Olli Mayer (as himself)

24/25 Annie Pfab (as herself)
Alfie Richardson (as himself)
Molly & Tigger Caballero (as themselves)

26/27 Polly Caesar (as Mommy)
Annie Caesar (as Mommy as a child)

28/29 Blaubär Stahl (as Little Bear)
Polly Caesar (as Mommy)

30/31 Bommel Stahl (as Teddie)
Blaubär Stahl (as Daddy)
Rieke Stahl (as Taffy)
Floppie Stahl, Aurora Bahner-Guhin, Flopper Andersen
(all as themselves)

32/33 Rieke Stahl (as Taffy)

34/35 Blaubär Stahl (as ice cream man)
Griffin Johnson (as himself)
Dylan & Bryn Nordlunde (as themselves)
Bommel & Rieke Stahl (as Teddie & Taffy)
Skye & Star Cozma (as themselves)
Rieke Stahl (as a little girl at the beach)
Reba & Shorty Rhoads-Verbeek (as bathers)
Scarlet & Sheila Edelmann (as puppies)

36/37 Snööö Bösche (as one of Taffy's friends)
Honeybear Taupier (as one of Taffy's friends)

38/39 Ginger Andrist (as herself)
Comet Morgan (as himself)
Mitts Smith (as herself)
Rose & Arthur Camboni (as puppies)
Bowie Nordlunde (as puppy)

40/41 Sydney Kilbourne, Sara Smith, Hunter Bahner-Guhin
(all as lantern childs)

42/43 Rieke Stahl (as Taffy)
Gibby Kilbourne (as one of Taffy's friends)

44/45 Jemma Reid (as herself)
Bowie Nordlunde (as himself)
Gina & Lilly Hartmann (as themselves)
Annie Caesar (as our beloved godchild)

46/47 The childrens' room, with artwork by Vanessa,
Susan, Rachel, Babs & Kay and some more
Rieke Stahl (as Taffy)
Cooper Laubach (as hidden Santa)

48/49 Rieke Stahl (as Taffy) Bommel Stahl (as Teddie)
Blaubär Stahl (as Little Bear and Mr. Moon)

50/51 Fairies (as themselves...:-) )

52/53 Rieke Stahl (as Taffy) Bommel Stahl (as Teddie)
Blaubär Stahl (as Little Bear)

54/55 Rieke Stahl (as Taffy)

56-59 all as sleeping children:
Teri Andersen & kitties, Sara Smith, Blaubär Stahl
& Princess Zentner, Peggy Camboni, Towsen Feltry,
Jack C. Young, The Evans Pack, Hallie Kilbourne,
Romeo Carmona, Grace June Bug (as sweet little puppy),
Annie Pfab, Annie Caesar, Bommel & Rieke Stahl

60/61 Tanner Bahner-Guhin & Riley Meyer (with the Spring howling)
Pippin Bahner-Guhin (as Easter bunny)
Gibby Kilbourne (as Easter bunny)

62/63 List of Names of all Corgis
Max Schwartz (as himself)

64/65 dedication to Rieke with the Rainbow bridge drawing

66 Imprint
Daphne Mc Dowell (as Easter bunny)

Front &
back cover
Rieke Stahl (as Taffy)

Click on the pictures to look inside the advance copy. Don't worry, the language in the English book will, of course, be English!! And the bar with www.corgihouse.de will, of course, not be displayed on the pages of the book.

advance copy, pages 18/19 advance copy, pages 20/21
advance copy, pages 40/41 advance copy, pages 56/57

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